Beqa's World

Beqa Sakvarelidze - 

2010-2014   Tbilisi  State Academy Of Artv - Visual art, paintings

2014-2016   Master student

Exhibition “Batman” 2014

Exhibition “Curriculum Vitae” 2016

Exhibition “Waking artist” 2016

“Wine Color Game" (colored cabriolet) 2015

"Time" (the Stalin Museum in Gori) 2015

"Amirani" (Tbilisi State University of Theater) 2015

"Free Territory" (Batumi TBC Bank Gallery) 2015

(Tbilisi TBC Bank Gallery) 2015

"Yeah 9" (Art Gallery Silk) 2015

Personal Exhibition "Khvicha going to run" (Gallery Silk) 2015

Personal Exhibition  ( Gallery Alliance 22) 2015

Exhibitions of Tbilisi State Academy of Arts

Charities Exhibitions, including "June 13"

a winner of the arts festival fun-Art  (2015), of festival

Tbilisi bright colors” (2014)

2013  France  International workshop  as a contest winner

In  2014  was nominated in Italy (Florence) Del Bianco-'s participation in the project with a group of international and get to work.

In August 2016, I am going to Germany Dresden Symposium

A member of "colored convertible" Head rector of Tbilisi State Academy Of Arts Giorgi Gugushvili

a participant of the exhibition, which is running the German ambassador in Tbilisi, Bettina kadenbakh’s residence 2015-2016

Germany in August 2016 Dresden symposium participation

a participant of  the exhibition Beijing in September 2016

a participant of  the exhibition October 2016 in Shanghai

a participant of the exhibitions current German Ambassador in Tbilisi Heike paich’s residence.